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The Ultimate Guide To Pressure Cooking

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The Ultimate Guide To Pressure Cooking

A Visual Guide To Pressure Cooker Cooking

For the uninitiated, using a pressure cooker can be nerve-racking. A series of questions quickly flood the mind: What foods can be made in a pressure cooker? How do you seal the pot properly? What if it explodes? 

This infographic from Hip Pressure Cooking will give you the confidence to venture into pressure cooker cooking. It answers common questions and offers a visual guide of the science behind pressure cooking.

Why should you pressure cook? One of the advantages of pressure cooking is that food cooks in at least a third of the time than conventional methods like boiling and roasting.  Pressure cooking also helps food retain its vitamins and minerals.

Take a look below for more tips and don't miss this video on how pressure cooking works.


Via Hip Pressure Cooking

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