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How To Make Powdered Sugar Icing In Just Minutes

By FDL on

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How To Make Powdered Sugar Icing In Just Minutes

There's an easy way to add oomph to your baking and it has nothing to do with the oven. We're talking about powdered sugar icing and it couldn't be easier to make.

What we love about powdered sugar icing is that it requires just three ingredients, comes together in minutes and doesn't require any fancy equipment. It's great drizzled on cookies, cakes and even baked good like scones and croissants.

Ready to make your own powdered sugar icing? Here's what you'll need to make one cup of icing:

1 cup of powdered sugar (don't use granulated sugar - it won't melt!)
2-6 tablespoons of milk (or juice)
1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract (almond, peppermint and other extracts work well too, as do flavorings such as rose water)

Place a large mixing bowl over a folded towel on a counter for stability. Using a strainer or sifter, sift the powdered sugar right into the bowl. Mix with a wooden spoon, add the extract of your choose and pour 2 tablespoons of liquid. Begin mixing and if the mixture is too thick add liquid one tablespoon at a time.

It's important to add the liquid little by little so you can gauge the consistency of your icing (more liquid = thinner icing and less liquid = thicker icing). Mix until it comes together and drizzle over baked goods like this spiced cranberry buttermilk bundt cake. Bon appétit!

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