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Formula For The Perfect Pint of Beer

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Formula For The Perfect Pint of Beer
Photo Digital Chet/Flickr

UK pub chain Taylor Walker say they've developed the formula for the perfect pint.

Working with the research group Mindlab they focused on all the factors it takes to pour the prefect pint. From the venue in which it is poured to the number of days before the drinker is required back at work.

The research was carried out with over 1000 willing participants and the team found a number of interesting things. The perfect pint is usually consumed 2 days before the drinker is meant to be back at work, the background music is quiet and they're usually surrounded by three to four friends.

The team also found that the perfect room temperature to pour a pint in is around 63.68°F (17.6°C).

It's a complicated looking formula but one we think is surely worth following if it ensures a perfect pint is poured every time.



Via Huffington Post

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