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Calorie Control - How to Decide Portion Sizes with Your Hand

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Calorie Control - How to Decide Portion Sizes with Your Hand

Portion Control - we’re constantly be told to watch the amount of food we eat, get the right amount of fruit and veg, don’t chow down on too much meat, avoid piles of carbs.

With all the rules and talks surrounding our diets, eating right seems harder than it actually is - trust us, it’s not that difficult with a few simple pointers.

A great place to start when it comes to portion control is this infographic from Precision Nutrition which helps teach you about portion sizes using your hand.

That’s right, making sure you get the right proportion of meat and veg on your plate is as simple as consulting your own hand. And the best part is, your hand is usually proportionate to your body size, which means the measurement works specifically for you.

Need to know how much protein to cook? Simple - you need about a palms worth. A serving of veg - well, that’s wants to be the size of your fist.

The infographic then offers up some suggestions on fats, carbs, proteins and vegetables with tips on how much of each should be eaten - broken down for both men and women.



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