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18 of the Worst Plating Ideas Ever

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18 of the Worst Plating Ideas Ever

We love the work of We Want Plates, the Twitter account and website that highlights terrible ways of plating food that, unbelievably, are actually allowed to leave the kitchen. We previously featured this rogues gallery of 39 of the worst plating ideas ever.

Well some chefs seemingly never learn, and still they keep coming: here are 18 of the worst plating ideas ever, from the slighly misguided and pretentious to the, 'What on earth were you thinking, step away from the pass!'

If you want to learn how to plate food like a pro, and not like these chefs, take a look at these five amazing videos that will help you master plating food in no time. 

More great plating videos

Enjoy, you won't believe some of these plating disasters...

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