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Infographic: Pizza Toppings Around The World

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Infographic: Pizza Toppings Around The World
Photo Parker Knight/Flickr

This nifty infographic from Pizza Morgan Hill breaks down pizza topping preferences around the world. You'll be surprised to see what folks in different parts of the globe like to eat on their pizzas.

In America we're used to sausage, pepperoni and even Buffalo wings on pizza but over in France the topping of choice is a sunny-side-up egg. That's nothing compared to the Australian preference for kangaroo, emu, barbecue sauce and crocodile as pizza toppings.

Over in India they spice pizzas up with paneer, mutton or pickled ginger, among other tasty toppings. In Sweden, they like things a little sweeter and go for pizza toppings like bananas and pineapple.

What's neat about the infographic is that it also features pizza-like concoctions around the world.

There's the Fugazza in Argentina, which is similar to Italian focaccia but topped with seasonings and olives. Other interesting 'pizzas' from around the world include a Japanese savory pancake known as Okonomiyaki.

Here's your passport to international pizza toppings - for a larger view just click on the infographic:

A Slice of Knowledge: Pizzas Around the World
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