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The Fresh Smell of Pizza Perfume

By FDL on

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The Fresh Smell of Pizza Perfume

Square pizzas, salads in the middle, crusts stuffed with cheese - the chain Pizza Hut has constantly worked to innovate and change their offering almost every month.

On top of this they've been renegades in the marketing world, delivering pizza to the international space station and recently offering up a life time supply of pizza to anyone brave enough to ask either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney if they prefer sausage or pepperoni.

Now the chain have gone one step further and launched a pizza scented perfume. The idea of bottling the smell of their freshly made pizza came from one of the management team on Facebook.

After hundreds of fans claimed they wanted a bottle of fresh pizza perfume the company obliged and began working on a scent to represent their food.

The company claim it was difficult to try and recreate the smell of freshly baked bread but claim they have come close.

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