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Watch Pierre Koffmann Cook A Perfect Omelette

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Watch Pierre Koffmann Cook A Perfect Omelette

When Rene Redzepi invited Pierre Koffmann to MAD 4 in Copenhagen, the French chef thought he was in for a four day holiday. That’s when Rene asked him to cook on stage.

This is how Koffmann introduces his first of three videos taken during presentations at the MAD Symposium event back in August. The celebrated chef was on stage to answer the question ‘What’s Cooking’ with three very different demonstrations.

The first sees Koffmann cook a classic omelette recipe as the crowd laughs and eventually applauds at the large chunks of butter he throws into the pan. The chef then explains how to prepare a pig trotter - a dish he has become famous for - before finishing on a very fast demo on how to clean an artichoke.

It’s not everyday you get to a chef like Koffman performing these tasks - enjoy!

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