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5 Foods That Should Be in Every Picnic Basket

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5 Foods That Should Be in Every Picnic Basket
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The secret to a proper picnic is all in the food. Of course, the weather and scenery are important but without a good menu planned your outdoor dining adventure won't be as successful as you had hoped. Luckily, planning the perfect picnic is as easy as pie. To help you out with that endeavor we've put together some quick and easy picnic food ideas that can be adapted to any budget or food preferences. Here's what to pack for a picnic:

1. A Hearty Salad

When selecting a salad for a picnic it's best to go for hearty options like grains or potatoes instead of lettuce. This way you avoid ending up with wilted greens. Try a delicious bulgur salad with tomatoes (pictured above) or a Mediterranean potato salad with feta.

2. Fresh Bread

When it comes to great picnic foods, bread is a no brainer. It can be used as a vehicle for sandwiches, dips, spreads and it's perfect for sopping up leftover sauce on a plate.  We love classic Italian focaccia.

3. A Protein-Packed Snack

Here's where you can really be creative and pack a protein-packed snack that will satisfy your hunger for sustenance. Picnic-friendly foods like cheeses, cold cuts, Italian frittata or quiche (pictured above) are great options.

4. A Flavorful Chutney or Jam

Don't forget to pack a flavorful preserve you can spread on sandwiches, crackers or cheese. We find this vibrant chili jam is perfect for boosting the flavor of just about every picnic food.

5. A Utensil-Free Dessert

The best desserts for picnics require no utensils at all. So feel free to bring along indulgent treats like chocolate and coconut cupcakes (pictured above), cookies or individually wrapped lemon bars

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