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3 Cooking tips for Making a Gluten-free Piadina Recipe

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3 Cooking tips for Making a Gluten-free Piadina Recipe

Whether savoury or sweet, served as an alternative to bread or filled with other ingredients: piadina is one of the most versatile recipes of the Italian culinary tradition which, unfortunately, is denied to those having to follow a gluten free diet. A great pity because piadina makes an excellent alternative to bread and an ideal solution for a quick and tasty snack. So we have decided to come to your rescue by revealing 3 cooking tips for making a gluten-free piadina, so that everyone can enjoy the celebrated star of Romagna’s regional cuisine.

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- To make a perfect gluten-free piadina, you need to mix the ingredients very rapidly to ensure that the resulting consistency is smooth and even, and the mixture is neither too dry nor too liquid.

- The piadina mixture must be left to rest for at least 30 minutes. Be sure not to skip this important phase because it helps the ingredients to blend well and become elastic prior to cooking.

- The cooking time is fundamental and should never exceed two minutes altogether. Do some trial runs to test your pan (or the special piadina griddle), to make sure that the piadina does not burn or remain undercooked in the middle.

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