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9 Different Pho Recipes Explained

By FDL on

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9 Different Pho Recipes Explained

Pho is one of the most iconic dishes of Vietnam and the food infographic below goes some way to explaining just how diverse a bow of Pho can be.

The guide sets out many different kinds of Pho before offering advice on what you should be ordering if you really want to eat like a local off the menu.

The guide focuses in on the meat used for each different kind of Pho with an illustrated guide on just where each piece of meat in the Pho comes from on the animal.

If you already know you love a certain part of meat, say the brisket, then this guide will show you exactly what to ask for so you get that cut, in the case of brisket, Pho Gau.

Enjoy and if you want to know more about this wonderful cooking the classics guide with tips on how to make Pho at home.




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