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Michelin Chef Says You Should Scramble Eggs in Water

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Michelin Chef Says You Should Scramble Eggs in Water

There are many famous stories of French chefs asking new arrivals in their kitchen to first prepare them an omelette. A seemingly simple dish that many underestimate, and a perfect test for any new candidate wanting a place on the kitchen brigade.

One chef who would have surely failed this test is Daniel Patterson - why? Because he has, at least at first glance, what seems to be a rather peculiar way of cooking his eggs.

Sharing his technique in a video promoting his new cookbook, The Art of Flavor, Patterson shares his own take on cooking scrambled eggs using hot water. That’s right, water.

Patterson takes boiling water, gives it a good stir and drops the eggs straight in. The chef claims this technique makes eggs that are incredibly light and fluffy, just be sure to strain off any excess water and top the eggs with oil when plating, you could even use butter.

Take a look at the result below. Want more? Watch these Michelin chefs cooking eggs...



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  • drew_marshall said on

    Love this and it's really great for a Michelin Star restaurant and home....I work at at an Alzheimer's facility and use little things to up the quality of the food I serve...unfortunately this will not be one of them...just the amount of time to service would put me in the weeds so bad I couldn't recover.

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