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How to Cook the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

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How to Cook the Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Eggs are a timeless breakfast favourite, but getting an omelette spot on or whipping up the perfect scrambled eggs is no easy task.

In fact scrambled eggs are notoriously variable, ranging from rich and creamy to crusty, rubbery and down right unappetizing after too much time under a hot lamp.

Fortunately, American TV chef Anthony Bourdain has come to the rescue in this two-minute video for Tech Insider (below) in which he explains how to whip up the ultimate scrambled eggs, whilst also highlighting a few common mistakes.

His message is clear, don't overcomplicate the dish, keep it focused on the egg, steer clear of milk and cream and use a hot pan.

Hear what Bourdain has to say, and it just might change the way you make breakfast:


Anthony Bourdain's Perfect Scrambled Eggs

1. Heat a pan until hot, but not too hot.

2. Crack eggs on a flat surface and place into an intermediary device, making sure there are no unwanted pieces of shell.

3. Beat the fresh eggs with a fork, just prior to putting them in a pan, (this is important Bourdain explains as if you don't, “you get this odd, greying, stippling effect that you probably recognise from greasy spoons”), and season.

Don't over beat, but go until you get a ripple of yellow and white throughout.

4. Add the seasoned, beaten eggs to the pre-heated hot pan with plenty of hot foaming butter.

5. Wait for the eggs to form up and push them around using a figure of 8 pattern to fold the egg. Essentially you're looking for fluffy, airy, rippled and textural notes where you can still taste the egg.


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