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Heston Blumenthal: 8 Tips for The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

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Heston Blumenthal: 8 Tips for The Ultimate Bacon Sandwich

What does someone like Heston Blumenthal do when he wants to make a bacon sandwich?

The chef, known for his magical kitchen techniques, obviously doesn’t want to spent two hours on his bacon butty in the morning, but he does apply some of his trusted tricks.

In the video below, produced by Waitrose, Blumenthal sets about offering up his own tips on making a perfect bacon sandwich.

Heston's Perfect Bacon Sandwich Tips. 

1 - Streaky Bacon with lots of fat
2 - Roll out the rashes to tenderise and make them thinner
3 - Cut the rashes in half for better bite
4 - Add bacon as soon as oil starts smoking
5 - Take some bacon off and add to a rack, crisp up the remaining pieces
6 - Make a sauce with ketchup, mayonnaise and hot-dog mustard
7 - One slice of toast, one slice of bread - butter toast while hot
8 - Add soft and crisp bacon and dip in sauce

We’re a little shocked at his choice of sauce, which seems to be the classicc burger option, but he does suggest keeping it on the side rather than smearing it on the bread.

Watch the video below to see Blumenthal explain more.

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