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What is Pastel de Nata? Easy Recipes For This Portuguese Favorite

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What is Pastel de Nata? Easy Recipes For This Portuguese Favorite

Pastel de nata is the Portuguese word for custard cakes. This decadent dessert is a specialty of Lisbon and features buttery flaky tarts filled with caramelized egg custard. It is a must-try dessert if you ever find yourself in the Portuguese capital.

They can be made at home, but the most famous custard tarts are from the Confeitaria de Belém in Lisbon, that's why they are called Pastéis de Belém.

Here are some excellent recipes that will help you enjoy your very own pastel de nata at home.

A Pastel de Nata Recipe

Ready to roll up your sleeves and get baking? Give this video from CupcakeJemma a watch. The talented chef shows you how to make authentic pastel de nata step-by-step. Spoiler alert: there is lots of butter involved!

Jamie Oliver's Pastel de Nata Recipe

If you are not keen on making puff pastry from scratch, or simply don't have the time, follow this easy recipe from Jamie Oliver for making pastel de nata using pre-packaged puff pastry.

These are far from authentic Portuguese custard tarts but it's the closest you'll get by using store bought ingredients. So why not give them a go?

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