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40 Pasta Types and What Sauce to Use Them With

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40 Pasta Types and What Sauce to Use Them With

Here’s a tasty infographic from that asks people to match the sauce to the correct pasta shape - a challenge that’s tougher than you imagine it to be.

There’s over 40 different types of pasta listed on the infographic with some of the more unique shapes you probably haven’t encountered before.

There are then a number of suggestions below that explain what types of pasta - long and skinny, shells, twists - work best with different sauces.

There’s a number of different rules that people follow in Italy when it comes to cooking pasta and this is a good start for understanding the basics.



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    Wow, the infographic is amazing but I've a question... why? I mean, being born in bologna I know that the tagliatelle all uovo (and pasta all uovo in general) or rigatoni goes well with ragu while spaghetti don't. I've a intuitive feeling but I cannot really understand why. Thank you

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