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4 Tasty Recipe Ideas with Italian Pancetta

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4 Tasty Recipe Ideas with Italian Pancetta
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Pancetta is a wonderful Italian cured pork belly,  and the Italian equivalent to streaky bacon.

You can purchase it in a variety of forms, depending on your recipe requirement. Rashers, round slices or diced are the most commonly found, to add to sauces, stews, with pasta or simply to use as toppings. 

The meat is reasonably fatty and can be smoked or unsmoked, adding another dimension to your dish with its strong and slightly salty flavour.

It's a great ingredient to have around to add extra oomph and depth to your dishes when you need it.

Here are all the ways you can expore cooking with pancetta bacon, from wrapping it around seafood to stuffing it into your brunch time bap.


Sweet scallops wrapped in pancetta is a match made in heaven in this exclusive recipe from Enoteca Pinchiorri's chefs Italo Bassi and Riccardo Monco.

Sandwich with Eggs and Pancetta

Want to take your brunch up a gear? Try this recipe from Chef Marco Bistarelli at Il Postale restaurant in Perugia where pancetta and frittata make for a decadent and memorable start to the day.


Try this unusual salad recipe that was one of the Italian painter Pontormo's favourite dishes with scrambled eggs, greens and pancetta chips, with a twist of caviar.

Stuffed Mushrooms

Pancetta bacon adds extra flavour to the meaty stuffing in these porcini mushrooms for a satisfying starter.

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