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A Chef's Touch: 4 Ways To Prepare Oysters

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A Chef's Touch: 4 Ways To Prepare Oysters
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Planning an elegant dinner party? These oyster recipes with a chef's touch are just the thing to wow your guests. Learn the tips and tricks international chefs use to prepare this delicious bivalve. Whether prepared with a molecular twist, combined with Brazilian ingredients or enjoyed with a splash of Swedish vinegar, we bet you'll find these oyster recipes simply divine. 

Oyster Sphere and Honey Bread

A gourmet molecular oyster recipe from famous Italian 'scientific' chef Daniel Facen

Grilled Oysters with Ättika

This rustic recipe from Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson gets a splash of vinegar known as ättika.

Oysters in Brioche Crust with Tapioca Pearls

Brazilian superstar chef Alex Atala shares his recipe for oysters and marinated tapioca pearls.

'Pizzaiola' Oysters

Oysters are paired with tomato sauce and pesto in this recipe from Italian chef Gennaro Esposito.

Hungry for more? Feast your eyes on our entire collection of recipes with A Chef's Touch.

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