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12 Foods People Think Are Totally Overrated

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12 Foods People Think Are Totally Overrated
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Our favourite foods have such a hold on us that it can be hugely puzzling when someone else doesn’t share our love: ‘What’s wrong with them?’ ‘Maybe they’re eating it wrong?’ ‘They can’t have had the good stuff’ – all the kinds of things we think when someone is totally ‘meh’ about our favourite foods.

Bearing that in mind, we enjoyed reading this thread on Reddit that asks users to name foods that are totally overrated. It’s a fascinating insight into how people’s tastes differ. There are thousands of responses, but bacon, lobster and oysters seem to be the most popular (or unpopular). Take a look at some of the answers below and let us know what your most overrated foods are over on our Facebook page.

Warning: this is an emotive subject and there is some bad language in the comments below.

12 of the Most Overrated Foods, According to Reddit Users


Caviar. A wealthy neighbor gave us some incredibly expensive stuff, which we had in the absolute recommended way, compared with some cheap fish roe. Guess which was nicer.


Cupcakes with a shit ton of gross icing.




Macarons. $3.50 for a small, round piece of coloured meringue? Fuck off.


Kale. I don't care how healthy it is, it tastes like shit.


Bacon ... I love Bacon, I frequently enjoy bacon but if you read or talk to anyone about bacon you'd think it cured cancer, solved the green energy dilemma, and reversed the aging process. It's tasty but let's not get crazy.


Lobster. I am from New England and its good and all but I would take lump crab meat over it I think.


Oysters, man ... oysters. I really don't get it.


Truffle oil.


Beets. If I wanted to eat dirt, I would just go outside and grab a handful.


Any sandwich made on focaccia. It's way too thick and crumbly to be used for a sandwich, you can't even taste whatever the innards are.


Chia Seeds.


Popcorn. It's pretty bland tasting and there's nothing too special about it. People go crazy about it though and act like it's the greatest creation in food history. Then they pay $8-$10 for a extra large bucket at a movie theater and eat until their sick.

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