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How to Order Wine on a Date

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How to Order Wine on a Date

You’ve been there, the dates going well, everything seems perfect - great restaurant, good early conversation, the ice has truly been broken. You pick the food and boom, the wine list hits the table. You date smiles and slowly passes it to you, “you should pick it”, the pressure is on.

No matter how little you actually know about wine, there’s a way round this situation, even when faced with a 600-page wine list at the poshest restaurant in town.

The infographic below, created by Vino Lovers, sets out a few simple tips on exactly how to survive the above situation and pick a great bottle of wine on a date.

From doing your research before you even arrive, to the rule of the 6 Ss of tasting and some important tips on the things you really should avoid doing when drinking wine at the table.



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