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8 Recipes Cooking with Oranges

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8 Recipes Cooking with Oranges
Photo Rego Korosi /Flickr

Cooking with oranges is a great way of perking up your dishes. They pair well with chicken and seafood, and liven up desserts - so what's not to love?

The collection of orange recipes below will show you how to make the most of this zesty colourful fruit in your cooking. Get ready for some citrusy fun...

Before you get going perhaps you'd like an easy peeling orange trick?

Peel an orange in two easy moves by cutting a simple circle round the middle of the fruit with a sharp knife through to the pith. Once the incision has been made you should be able to simply pop the fruit segments out of the peel casing. Hey presto!

Orange Souffle

This light airy souffle makes for a refreshing light dessert.

Citrus Tart with Blood Orange Slices

Looking for an impressive dessert for the festive season? Look no further, this delicious zesty tart will create quite a centrepiece.

Pumpkin and Orange Chutney

Add some colour and spice to your fall dishes with this flavoursome chutney.

Orange Zest Chicken on Glass Noodles

Chicken in a zesty orange sauce served with glass noodles is a great and cheerful mid week dinner option.

Lobster Salad with Orange and Fennel Confit

If you feel like a decadent dish try lobster and orange from Italian chef Giancarlo Morelli.

Grilled Tuna Skewers with Orange and Ginger

Orange and ginger pair beautifully with tuna in this Middle Eastern inspired light fish dish.

Blood Orange and Prosecco Jelly

These unusual jelly drinks add some flair to your festive party.

Jasmine and Orange Cupcakes

Use orange slices to top off lashings of orange icing in these fragrant jasmine cupcakes.

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