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Orange Dessert Recipes: 8 Ideas to Brighten your Day

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Orange Dessert Recipes: 8 Ideas to Brighten your Day

Orange season is here and with it a wealth of juicy, fresh citrus sun-soaked flavours to champion in orange dessert recipes!

Whether you're a fan of moist citrusy sponge, like the drama of flaming crepe Suzette or simply want to take your chances making an orange souffle, orange is a hugely versatile citrus fruit when it comes to dessert ideas. 

Some recipes call for tarocco oranges, navel oranges or blood orange, but whatever the variety be sure to source oranges that feel heavy for their size and have thinner rather than thicker skin. After all, you want to be sure that you have plenty of orange juice for adding into batters and orange zest to maximise those sweet and tangy flavours in your chosen recipe.

Take your pick from our collection of favourite orange dessert recipes that showcase the beauty of this beloved fruit and add a splash of sunshine to your table.

Orange Desserts

Candied Orange Slices

Discover how to make tangy candied orange slices in our recipe here, and remember patience is key - you'll need a few days but the rewards will be worth it!

Orange Crepe Suzette

This classic French dessert has stood the test of time and makes an impressive tableside spectacle that will always impress. Find the crepe suzette recipe you need here.

Gluten Free Orange Muffins

Orange zest gives these gluten-free muffins a fragrant kick in this amazing gluten-free orange muffins recipe.

Orange Souffle

Have you ever mastered the might of the souffle? Here is your chance with this light and refreshing orange souffle recipe here.

Orange Tartlets with white chocolate mousse

If you're giving a dinner party these individual tartlets are great for single serve portions that will only impress your expectant diners. Find the orange tartlet with white mousse here.

Citrus Tart with Blood Orange slices

This stunning citrus tart is full of orange juice and topped off with spectacular blood oranges for dramatic effect. Find the citrus tart recipe here.

Orange Granita

Dairy free granita is a refreshing way to end a meal on a sweet note without overburdening the diner. Find the orange granita recipe here.

Blood orange and prosecco Jelly

If you're looking for a fun yet elegant party food, try making these sophisticated individual jellies with a prosecco kick. Find the recipe for blood orange and prosecco jelly here.

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