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14 Ways to Open Beer Without a Bottle Opener

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14 Ways to Open Beer Without a Bottle Opener

Nothing worse than being stuck with a fresh bottle of cold beer but no bottle opener at hand. Many use their teeth to quickly pop it open but it’s a cringe worth moment every time it’s done.

This video from The Water Cooler by Mashable aims to put a stop to this crazy dental damaging routine with 14 easy ways to open beet without a real opener.

It’s a simple video that has 14 examples that all end with a refreshing drink, fine by us. Most of the examples are done outside which is where many of us usually need an opener - there’s even one in a bathroom - just in case.

The wastage seems enough to put any serious beer lover off using these techniques on their new craft selection but if you’re stuck short and in need of a cold one, it’s sure to help.

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