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4 Recipes to Know your Onions

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4 Recipes to Know your Onions
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The humble onion is a vital ingredient in the kitchen but not one we naturally turn to as the main ingredient.

With so many varieties available there's plenty of exploration to be done to maximise their potential.

We prove the pungent notes can be toned down into tasty and sophisticated dishes where the sweet savouriness shines through.

From the classic French soup, chef inspired creations and the favourite bar top snack of pickled onions, onions are full of surprises from bar food fodder to haute cuisine creations. 

Take a look:


It's not often onions get the chance to take centre stage. This recipe for caramelized tropea onions, with a tepid goat cheese mousse stuffing, is an exciting vegetarian appetizer by the Italian chef Matias Perdomo that manages to do just that.

Onion Soup

A classic elegant onion soup, packed full of flavour, serve with crusty french baguette for the full effect.

Pickled Onions

Mouth puckering pickled onions have an addictive quality and served with cheeses or meats the sweet acidity balances out those richer notes.

Onion Bhajis

The beloved bhaji is onion at its finest in a crispy, lightly spiced, deep fried crunchy street style snack. Serve with mango chutney for the full effect.

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