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5 One-Pot Dinners

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5 One-Pot Dinners

Even though you're a foodie, it's okay to admit that even you find it hard to cook sometimes. That's when a one-pot dinner comes in handy. The following recipes come all from corners of the globe and prove that making a one-pot dish is easy as pie.

Korean Beef Soup (pictured above)

Scallions and garlic add a bit of zing to this tantalizing beef soup. It's thickend with tahini and should be garnished with fresh ginger.

Mexican Posole

This hearty dish of hominy and pork makes a great one-pot dinner. It's best when cooked for a few hours so the flavors marry.

Coq au Vin

For the best coq au vin marinade the ingredients in wine overnight. The next day you'll be able to enjoy a mouthwatering stew.

Brazlian Shrimp Stew

Called moqueca de camarao in Portuguese, this lovely stew is made with coconut milk and laced with paprika and coriander. 

Italian Vegetable Soup

This easy vegetarian soup can be eaten warm or at room temperature. Serve it with crusty Italian bread and a dollop of pesto for a simple but tasty one-pot dinner.


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