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Oldie But Goodie: Olive Oil Caviar By Ferran Adria

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Oldie But Goodie: Olive Oil Caviar By Ferran Adria
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If you missed your opportunity to dine at the new defunct elBulli, never fear. You can still sample one of Ferran Adria's creations: olive oil caviar.

Adria, who rose to fame for his ingenius molecular-based cuisine, launched his Caviaroli Olive Oil caviar at Madrid Fusion two years ago. The product has seen a surge in popularity and is now more readily available for purchase.

Using the finest Spanish olive oil, the chef developed a patented process that cannot be replicated in home kitchens. It's a special process that allows the spherification of oil, something which is not normally possible with sodium alginate.

What you get are plump pearls of pure Spanish olive oil that pleasantly pop in your mouth. They pair well with soft foods like soups and salads. It's a product that's being used by stellar Spanish chefs like Quique Dacosta and Joan Roca.

Each 7.05 oz jar of Caviaroli Olive Oil caviar costs $55 and has anywhere from 100 to 200 servings. It may be purchased through Molecular Recipes - don't miss their very informative product description.

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