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How to Make Okonomiyaki Sauce

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How to Make Okonomiyaki Sauce

We already bought you details about how to make the much loved Japanese street food Okonomiyakia Japanese style pancake made of batter mixed with shredded cabbage and a variety of ingredients. Now we bring you one of its essential accompaniments, Okonomiyaki sauce.

Okonomiyaki sauce is an umami-packed Japanese sauce used as a condiment for many dishes: if you cannot find the original manufactured version (see video below), it’s very straightforward to make and uses very few ingredients which are also pantry staples.

Once the Okonomiyaki is cooked, it is topped with an Okonomiyaki sauce along with other condiments including, Japanese mayonnaise, katsuobushi, and aonori

How to Make Okonomiyaki Sauce: Ingredients and Recipes

For a basic recipe all you will need is tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and honey or sugar or soy sauce which are all combined in a bowl. 

At Okonomiyaki World their easy recipe recommends using the ratio of 3 tablespoons of ketchup, with 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and one tablespoon of soy sauce

Jules over at Merci Mama admits she has a soft spot for the tasty sauce and her recipe has some extra additions including, sake, mirin, Japanese rice vinegar and caster sugar. She says it so good, she could literally drink it which is praise enough for us.

Once the ingredients are evenly mixed together forming the Okonomiyaki sauce, they can be spread onto your Japanese pancake (see main image) or put into a squeeze bottle to apply liberally over your chosen food.

The images below show the finishing touches being put on the Okonomiyaki, with the sauce, followed by Japanese mayonnaise being liberally applied over the pancake and the fun you can have making edible patterns.

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In this video Japan in Motion visit one of the most famous Okonomiyaki sauce making companies to explore their secret recipes:

If you're in the mood for Japanese food have a look at some more Japanese recipes.

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    Wow.. Thanks for the recipe. I really like Japanese Okonomiyaki. This is my trial on making my own okonomiyaki

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