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5 Great Ideas for Cooking with Oatmeal

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5 Great Ideas for Cooking with Oatmeal

Rolled, whole, toasted, jumbo, quick....yes we're talking oats!

While most of us are familiar with oats in porridge for a quick, healthy and inexpensive breakfast solution there are plenty of other oatmeal recipes out there that put them to good use.

Whether you're after a healthy start to the day, a biscuit with extra bite or a crunchy dessert topping we have just the oatmeal ideas to get you going.

And that's another plus about this healthy grain,  it literally does keep you going as it fills you up with firbre, folate and potassium as well as buring fat and lowering cholesterol. Going gluten free? It's got that covered too.

What's not to like! Here are our favourite oatmeal ideas to try out.


Looking for more healthy breakfast ideas? Try this quick oatmeal recipe topped off with colourful fresh fruits.

Porridge with Blueberries

 A classic breakfast recipe for a healthy and fulfilling start to the day, with just oats, milk and fresh blueberries.

Raspberry Peach Crumble

Crumble is always a firm family favourite. This fruity dessert of rasberry and peaches is topped off with a crunchy oaty topping.

Oatmeal Blueberry Muffin

If you love muffins try these healthy blueberry oatmeal muffins that can start you off in the morning or double up as a snack later in the day.

Banana and Oatmeal Muffins

Got some overipe bananaas to use up? Try out this easy muffin recipe that will put them to tasty use along with oats. 

Honey and Walnut Biscuits

If you like biscuits try these easy crunchy honey and walnut idease, with extra boost from the oats.

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