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6 Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren't

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6 Foods You Thought Were Vegan but Aren't

Life can be not simple for those of you who are vegans. Especially when you are eating out and looking for 100% vegan dishes. There are times when it can be almost impossible: some apparently innocent foods turn out to be unsuitable for people on a vegan diet, even though  the animal derivates they contain frequently fail to be mentioned on the label. 

The next time you go to a restaurant or buy groceries, keep an eye out for these 6 foods you  thought were vegan but which may be anything but: 


Water, flour and yeast? That’s not the whole story. In certain types of bread it is a common practice to add fats to the dough: oil or alternatively lard, butter or milk. Investigate further before grabbing a baguette from the bread counter. 


E120 is a food colouring made from cochineals, insects belonging to the coccidae family. So,  look out when you buy sweets, ice-cream or similar examples of bright red junk food. 

Is BEER vegan?

We have already talked about this before: beer is not necessarily vegan owing to the isinglass it contains (a substance obtained from fish) or gelatine, which are not always indicated on the label.


S0me chewing gums contain lanolin, a sort of wax with waterproofing properties produced by sheep and which builds up in their fleece.

potato CHIPS: vegan or not?

Think twice before ordering chips with your veggie burger. And read the label carefully when buying a packet of crisps. In either case, they may contain tallow – a rendered beef, horse or mutton fat. 


Well, yes, if you wish to make vegan desserts you also have to choose your sugar carefully. White  sugar may have been treated with animal bone char.

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