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5 Lazy No-Cook Summer Breakfast Ideas

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5 Lazy No-Cook Summer Breakfast Ideas

Sometimes you don't feel like cooking, especially in the summer. That's when lazy no-cook breakfasts come in handy. Because who wants to labor over a hot stove when there's fun to be had outside?

These lazy no-cook breakfast ideas are great for busy weekdays but also suitable for vacation or anytime you have a surprise guest come over.  

5 Easy No-Cook Breakfast Ideas for Lazy Mornings

Yogurt Bowl

Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, vanilla yogurt…the choice is yours. Top it with seasonal fruits like berries, sliced peaches or plums. Sprinkle in a bit of granola or chia seeds and you’ve got yourself a breakfast of champs that has protein, fiber and natural sweetness.

Here's an easy recipe you can whip up in no time.

Overnight Oats

This is hands down our favorite lazy summer breakfast. What could be easier than mixing raw oats with milk and leaving it in the fridge to ‘cook’ overnight?

Here are eight tasty combos or you can also try making overnight vegan muesli with strawberries.


Power up with a colorful smoothie packed with fiber. The flavor combinations are endless.

We are especially fond of this grape and kiwi smoothie with yogurt and this chocolate banana smoothie. Take your pick from these refreshing smoothie recipes

Chia Pudding

There’s something magical that happens when you mix chia seeds and liquid. The result is a creamy gel-like mixture that can be dressed up in a million ways.

You can use coconut milk or almond milk as a base for a dairy-free pudding. Let it rest at least 15 minutes or overnight and top with fruit, nuts or coconut flakes. Give this raspberry chia seed pudding a try. Scrumptious!

Yup, we went there. Leftovers are a great lazy no-cook breakfast option depending on what you had to eat the previous day.

Got any leftover deviled eggs from brunch? Or some quiche? Maybe gazpacho? It’s a good idea to plan your menus so you always leftovers you can easily turn into breakfast the next day.

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