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14 No Bread Sandwich Recipes

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14 No Bread Sandwich Recipes

Recipes for gluten-free bread are easy to come by, and not difficult to make. But what if the challenge consisted in making sandwiches without bread, that would be quite a different matter. What sort of burger would it be without bread to absorb all the meat juices and flavours? Can you imagine a toasted sandwich without sliced bread?

Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, even eliminating bread from sandwiches. Here are 14 alternative ideas for no bread sandwich, and not only for celiac sufferers, which are sure to widen your gourmet horizons quite unexpectedly.


The usefulness of salad leaves in certain sandwiches filled with juicy meat and sauces becomes manifest in this particular version. The green leaf traps the flavours of the sandwich, prevents your hands from burning and offers a crisp and healthy note to everything. (Photo: domesticate-me)


No hamburger would be complete without chips. So these pan-fried chips become delectable disks that enfold the meat in an embrace that is apparently platonic but full of mutual esteem. (Photo: coastalkitchen)


Just before dinner, but whenever you feel a bit peckish and the fridge seems to be empty, there is always one courgette hidden away in a corner, a piece of cheese or even half a tomato. The sandwich shape will gratify the mind more than the appetite, but happiness lies in little things. (Photo: easyappetizerideas)


Slices of sweet potato threaded onto a skewer to hold together a sizeable piece of meat, tomato, bacon and salad. With or without bread, it is difficult to resist getting your teeth into this corrupt meat lovers’ fantasy. (Foto: foodrepublic)


The sandwich filled with a Spanish or Italian omelette is perfect to take on a journey and equally easy to make without bread: instead of one large omelette make two smaller ones and fill them with any ingredient of your choice. A delight for the palate as well as being rich in all sorts of proteins. (Photo: stalkerville)


You just have to look at this photo to see that Fine Dining Lovers is teasing you. This is not a cheese sandwich but a cheese celebration. On top, inside and lovingly embraced to slices of sweet potato which form the supporting structure to the entire concoction. It would be kid’s play to replace the potato with Sardinian caciotta, but don’t tell anyone who you got the idea from.  (Photo: bevcooks)

MINI CUCUMBER SANDWICHES                             

In just the same way as courgettes resist heroically in the refrigerator, cucumbers are also long-lived, maybe not intact, but with just enough to transform two or three slices into delightful sandwiches for filling with cheese or roast beef. Very British, very chic and very cheap. (Photo: wallpaperspublic)


Sweet potato is in pole position to become the best stand-in for bread. Look at it here, posing as a bulky slice of loaf nonchalantly embracing a fried egg accompanied by a couple of lettuce leaves and sweet peppers. (Photo: willcrossfitforfood)


If you happen to run into some mushrooms big enough to hold a plump meat ball (we’re not really suggesting a burger), here’s what to do. The mushroom provides protection from the heat and gives a woody autumnal flavour – good for all seasons - to the valerian salad leaves and peppers. (Photo: laurenconrad)


A cutlet-filled sandwich is a must, but what if we turned it inside out to make the cutlet do the bread’s job? Would the world be ready for such a revolution? Of course it would. Even if the cutlet were in fact a slice of  aubergine or any other ingredient breaded and fried. Try it. (Photo: eatfresh)


Not everyone likes pumpkin, so why not serve it in tiny morsels. Instead of bread, multifunctional aubergine can be used instead. Finely cut, it lends itself to becoming a vegetable version of mille feuille pastry and, if you close your eyes, you might even be fooled yourself. (Photo: dailygnome)


An ingenious idea. A grilled chicken breast cut in two slices even looks like bread. Fill it with rocket leaves, mayonnaise, a slice of raw ham or delicious shrimps and your palate will be in seventh heaven. (Photo: diabeticonnect)


For a sandwich with a Caribbean flavour, here’s presenting the plantain and pastrami toasted sandwich. Easy, delicious and extremely popular in a certain type of seedy venue overseas. Take the plantain, cut it in half lengthways, fry it in the pan and then let it cool. Place the two halves side by side and press them to obtain two fairly wide bread-like slices. Spread them with the meat and your favourite sauce. For those who prefer fish, there is a salmon pastrami version. (Photo: thenoshery)


Who needs a piadina when you’ve got cold cuts? These too are designed to be rolled up together like the mythical flat bread from Romagna, Italy. In this case, we suggest turkey on the outside, then mortadella or cooked ham, salami, tender spring salad, flash fried tomatoes and peppers. Roll it all up and bite assertively. You’ll be impressed. (Source: primalbitesblog)

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