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A New Year's Day Brunch Menu

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A New Year's Day Brunch Menu

There's no doubt New Year's Eve is a fun affair but indulging in one too many drinks can wreak havoc on your system. That's why you'll love this simple but flavorful New Year's Day brunch menu designed to nurse hangovers. The recipes are easy to make and will help you get back to good in no time. Enjoy!

Huevos Rancheros

This spicy Mexican egg dish offers the perfect combo of fat, fuel and umami.

Scrambled Eggs with Caviar

Same some caviar from your New Year's Eve bash and use it to prepare this indulgent egg recipe.

BLT Sandwiches

Everything's better with bacon - including hangovers. Here's a super easy recipe for the ultimate BLT.

Olive Quesadilla

Enjoy a gourmet quesadilla made with goat cheese and olives - a dish that can be ready in minutes.

Bloody Mary (pictured up top)

For many, this drink is the ultimate hangover cure. You'll want to make a big pitcher of this one.

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