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New Year's Eve Appetizers: 12 Festive Finger Food Ideas

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New Year's Eve Appetizers: 12 Festive Finger Food Ideas
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So you had Christmas sewn up, but how about New Year?

Yes, if you're throwing a New Year's Eve bash and love cooking, you're probably planning a suitably eclectic, sensational and memorable menu to suit the celebratory mood.

As champagne corks fly, you'll want the food to talk as loudly. And how better than with an impressive selection of New Year's Eve appetizers in finger food.

From chef canapes to deep fried tasty wonton, take your pick of these selected recipes which will excite all your guests, from vegetarians to meat lovers.

These easy and elegant New Year's Eve appetizers are guaranteed to help you welcome in a flavourful 2018, in bite size portions.

New Year's Eve Appetizers

Crab and Caviar on Brioche

When midnight naturally calls for champagne, these elegant crab and caviar canapes are a wonderful finger food. Thanks to chef Anna Haugh at Bob Bob Ricard restaurant. Here's the chef recipe.

Crostini with Pork and Red Cabbage

Pulled pork with crunch red cabbage are a seriously delicious combination. Here's how to make them.


Caprese Skewers

Mini mozzarella and cherry tomatoes stacked onto wooden skewers and topped off with basil are a sure party pleaser. Perfect for vegetarians, they also add a splash of colour to your celebratory spread. Find the recipe here.

Spring Rolls

Crispy coated, generously filled spring rolls with a sweet dipping sauce are a sure crowd pleaser. Make sure they're crispy and hot when you serve them.  Find the recipe here.

Thai Shrimps in Wonton Pastry

Succulent, juicy prawns served inside a hot crispy shell with a Thai dipping sauce will disappear in no time at your New Year gathering. Here's the must have recipe.

Legumes and Goose Liver Pate

This lovely smooth pate will pair beautifully with a chilled glass of champagne. Impress your guests with this recipe.

Radish on a Spoon

Italian chef Davide Oldani's radish on a spoon, makes for a playful and elegant vegetarian appetizer. Here's how to make it.

Wild Mushroom Terrine

This tasty vegan terrine is packed with umami flavour and works perfectly spread on toast triangles and served as canapes. Here's the simple recipe.

Dim Sum with Spinach and Mung Beans

Beautifully soft pillows of steamed dim sum are a great healthy alternative and perfect finger food for a party. Find the vegetarian recipe here.

Chickpea Puree with Crackers and Herbed Cheese

Another healthy vegetarian alternative, serve this up with a variety of vegetable batons, like zucchini, carrots and celery to add some fresh crunch to your spread. Here's the easy recipe.

Beef Sashimi and Foie Gras

One for the meat lovers this is an easy and tasty beef recipe shared by Matias Perdomo. Here's the must have recipe.

Mini Quiches with Mushrooms, Mozzarella and Pine Nuts 

Pocket size mini quiche are a perfect party food, portable bite size rounds make for easy stand up munching with a glass in the other hand. Here's how to bake them.

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