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5 New Ways To Cook with Apples

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5 New Ways To Cook with Apples
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Apple season is finally upon us! There are so many varieties of apples to choose from you could literally eat a different type every day for the rest of the year. So what can you make with all these apples? Well, pie is just the tip of the iceberg. Apples are a great addition to everything from salads and soup to casseroles and dessert. Here are five sweet and savory recipes that prove it: 

Endive Salad with Plums and Apples

Sweet varieties of apples pair well wit the sharpess of endive in this salad. A honey-lemon vinaigrette and plums complete the ensemble.

Potato and Apple Gratin

Apples are pork are a classic combination that gets a modern makeover in this delicious casserole recipe

Steak Salad with Apples Poached in Red Wine

Poached apples are a heavenly addition to this steak salad made with spicy arugula and feta cheese.

Pumpkin Soup with Apples

Apples, curry powder and thyme take pumpkin soup from ordinary to divine.

Apple and Pear Crumble

This cinnamon-spiced crumble made with apples and pears is a great alternative to pie.

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