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Naples Cuisine: 4 Iconic Classics to Try

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Naples Cuisine: 4 Iconic Classics to Try

Naples is a food lovers playground. The sun-soaked vibrant southern city not only boasts some of Italy's most famous dishes, like ubiquitous pizza and pasta, but seafood and pastries also take pride of place, alongside a rich offering of top local produce.

From Naples finest street food to world-class pizza the city's sparkling coastal location and a warren of chaotic smaller streets make it a feast of exploration for the senses as well as the stomach.

Elastic waist trousers and an open mind are musts on a wonderful discovery of the best places to eat in Naples, from breakfast to dinner, it's one city you're guaranteed to never go hungry, especially if you try ordering like a local: Here's our guide on what to order and how.

If you can't get to Naples just yet, try the next best thing, exploring some of the iconic dishes and begin your journey into the delights of naples cuisine. Here are four defining classics, with the tips and secrets behind their longevity and success.

Naples Cuisine

Spaghetti with Clams (Spaghetti alle vongole)

Discover the secret to achieving al dente pasta married with juicy vongole here, and you'll be as happy as a clam. 


Neapolitan Pizza

No trip to Naples would be complete without trying the world-famous pizza. Discover the tips to making the perfect pizza here.


Baba - here's the recipe

Discover more about this rum soaked defining sweet that hails from Naples here.



Discover the delights of this doughnut like fritter and you'll be addicted for life. Find out more about zeppole's defining characteristics here.

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