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Mugaritz Reveals Secret Notebook

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Mugaritz Reveals Secret Notebook
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We always wondered how Andoni Luis Aduriz got his genius ideas. From coming up with a thriller video for pig's blood macaroons to winning a prize for his innovation, we knew the chef of Mugartiz certainly had some tricks up his sleeve.

As it turns out, Aduriz keeps a secret notebook where he and his staff share inspiration from their travels. The leather-bound notebook, which resembles an encyclopedic tome, is a type of journal where memories and ideas are recorded.

Perhaps it was a dish enjoyed in a far corner of the world, a phenomenal beer at a neighborhood bar or a sketch on a restaurant napkin - whatever sparked a culinary idea - it's all documented in this secret journal, which surely played a part in catapulting the restaurant to the third spot in the World's 50 Best Restaurants list.

Needless to say, the notebook is guarded with their lives. But wouldn't you love to have a peak?

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