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15 Amazing Plates from The 2015 Mugaritz Menu

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15 Amazing Plates from The 2015 Mugaritz Menu

The team at the Mugaritz restaurant, headed by chef Andoni Luis Aduriz, is one of the most productive and creative crews in the industry. Working in seasons with a four month break that’s dedicated purely to research and development, they create around 100 new dishes a year with around 50 of those dishes making an appearance throughout the restaurant's on season.

Here’s a drawing that shows just how many ideas they work with - the pic contains 81 ideas that the restaurant were working on for their 2014 season.

It’s a monster project that they repeat every year and the results, well, the results speak for themselves with dishes that resemble art, desserts that melt, foods you hear, smell and feel. We reached out to Mugaritz, who are nearing the end of their 20145 season, to have a look at some of the final creations that made their menu this year.

Below is a collection of some of those dishes.

Garlic glazed in lamb juices. 

Oily fish, beetroot and horseradish.

Vegetal bestiary.

Mallow flower and sake.

Savoury french toast.

Anis waffle.

Live cannellone.

Bitter ideas of velvet.

Vegetal squid.

Beef Candy. 

Glutinous hake.

A thousand leaves. 

Jasmine and hay.

Soft fuet and paste.

Cream of Chocolate and Cured Ham. 

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