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Cooking Tips to Make Muffins Without Baking Powder

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Cooking Tips to Make Muffins Without Baking Powder

Single portion cakes that are ideal for eating at any time of the day: traditional American muffins have seduced the world with their sweet simplicity. It is possible to make a version of muffins without baking powder so, here are three secrets for obtaining a result that is identical to traditional muffins with raising agent.

Here you will find the full recipe for muffins without baking powder, while here below are a few tips to make them as good as traditional ones.

Tips To Make Muffins Without Baking Powder

1. To make these little cakes rise and give them their typical shape, it is possible to use cider vinegar and baking soda, instead of chemical baking powder.

2. To ensure that your muffins have that typical “dome” shape when they come out of the oven, be sure that the muffin trays or paper cases are 2/3 full of cake mixture. It is advisable to line the muffin trays with paper cases so that they may be removed easily from the baking tray without cracking.

3. The muffin mixture should be rather thick and never too liquid, because an excessively liquid mixture would not bake so well in the oven.

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  • Bobby M said on

    What is the issue with 'chemical' baking powders? No health concerns exist, and just despite the fact that it is a chemical; but hell, we–the people eating them–are also a giant, walking chemical.

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