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Which Foods Are The Most Nutritious?

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Which Foods Are The Most Nutritious?

We're constantly being told to get a wide variety of fruit and vegetables into our daily diets. They're packed with nutrients and vitamins and the age old five-a-day mantra is still followed by many.

Fruit and veg is healthy and something we should be eating but, as with tasting menus, not all foods are created equally. In fact, some vegetables and fruits are packed with a lot more goodness than others.

The chart below, produced by Chasing Delicious, takes this into account by laying out different fruits and vegetables, first by the different vitamins they contain and then by how much they actually contain.

There's a lots of different ingredients listed making the chart a great educational resource for those who want to improve their dietary intake but also for those who just want to understand the benefits of each thing they eat.



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