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$26,000 For a Pair of Melons

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$26,000 For a Pair of Melons

We've talked a lot about gourmet foods on fine dining lovers. From truffles and how people will pay thousands of dollars for that rich aroma, to the world's best caviar, wagyu beef and how blue fin tuna can fetch record prices in Japan.

Some foods just have this allure, a prestige. They hold a certain desire people are often willing to pay lots of money to fulfill. The same goes for many wines, but you don't really expect it of fruit and you certainly don't expect melons to command a hefty price tag.

A recent post on Gourmet set's out eight of the world's most expensive foods and melon is one of them. It's the king melon from the Yubari city of Japan and the most expensive pair to ever be sold at auction went for $26,000.

Often sold in a perfect matching pair, they usually command a price tag of around $100 and fall into the gift section for most Japanese. The act of giving fruit as a gift in Japan is highly symbolic and the idea of presenting the recipient with the best possible fruit, from the best location, is something taken very seriously.

Source: Gourmet

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