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4 Modern Meatloaf Recipes You'll Love

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4 Modern Meatloaf Recipes You'll Love
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Meatloaf is the ultimate comfort food but that doesn't mean it can't be jazzed up. These modern meatloaf recipes have a gourmet touch thanks to ingredients like white wine, pine nuts and Italian herbs. This way meatloaf isn't just reserved for Sunday dinner - but it can be the shining star of your next dinner party.

Meatloaf with Cherry Tomatoes (pictured above)

An irresistible meatloaf recipe that swaps old fashioned ketchup for cherry tomatoes and basil.

Meatloaf with Herb Sauce

White wine, parsley, sage, thyme and fennel seeds give the classic meatloaf an Italian makeover.

Mushroom Meatloaf

Dinner guests will ooh and aah when you bring this gorgeous pine nut-studded meatloaf to the table.

Mini Meat Loaves and Cheesy Potatoes

These adorable mini meat loaves and Gruyère-infused potatoes are fun appetizers for a dinner party.

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