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11 #millennialpink Foods

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11 #millennialpink Foods

We’ve seen black food and purple food,  now it’s time to tone things down with a muted shade of millennial pink!

That’s right, #millennial pink is the on-trend colour that’s translating into fashion and design, and of course food.

If you want to think pink when it comes to cooking, you don’t have look too far. Mother nature has already done her best in harnessing this seductive colour both on land and at sea.

From fruit and vegetables to Ruby cocoa beans and seafood, there are many natural ways to add pink to your palate.

So, fire up your Instagram account and prepare to think pink - here are some of our favourite #millennialpink foods to try:

Ruby cocoa beans in Baci Rosa Chocolates

First milk, dark and white and now it’s the time for fruity and fragrant pink chocolate! Enter “Ruby cocoa beans” - the fourth generation of chocolate.

Baci®Perugina is the first chocolate company in Italy to harness this romantic hue in a new and surprising taste experience, “Baci Perugina Limited Edition.” The velvety pink chocolates which come wrapped in an exclusive pink star-studded foil. The famous gianduja and crunchy hazelnut Italian truffles enrobed in pink chocolate are skilfully worked in a unique production process where the natural Ruby cocoa beans release their amazing pink colour and sweet fruitiness with no artificial flavours.

Chocolate lovers will find a new and exciting taste experience inside every irresistible pink velvety coated chocolate in a balance between fresh and fruity, reminiscent of wild berries, and the characteristic inner made of soft hazelnut and cocoa filling.

Baci Perugina Limited Edition is already available in Italy and Switzerland, by Valentine's Day 2019 chocolate romantics will also find them in Germany, Spain and China.



The wonderful pink and textural tentacles characteristic of this popular Mediterranean seafood make this a seductive seafood spectacle. Whether enjoyed as carpaccio, boiled or chargrilled, tender octopus tendrils will soon have you hooked. Learn all there is about how to tenderise your octopus before discovering our getting creative with our collection of octopus recipes with a chef's touch.



Looking for a slice of pink fun in the sun, then try this Caribbean fruit with pink juicy flesh. Not only do guava have a sweet-tart flavour, but they’re also packed with nutritional credentials like vitamins and fibre. Try turning them into jelly or cocktails and add an exotic twist to your evening.

Pink Oyster Mushroom


These whimsical summery pink curly edged mushrooms add a touch of romance to a dish - no wonder they are also known as the “mushroom of love.” The colour fades with cooking – so make sure you get snappy first. Try turning them into a wonderfully creamy risotto, or sautéing for a side dish.

Pink Himalayan Salt


If you love gourmet salts, why not add pink to your collection. Himalayan salt, harvested from the mountains of Pakistan, is not only big in naturally occurring millennial pink style, it’s also naturally rich in minerals. If you’re looking for alternative serving methods you could always try elevating dinner time using Himalayan salt blocks as serving dishes.

Pink Raddicchio


This pretty pink rare variety of radicchio or Radicchio La Rosa del Veneto, grown in Verona, Italy, adds a splash of colour to the salad drawer in winter months. The leaves are slightly sweet and a little bitter, with a crisp crunch making them tasty as well as good looking. Pink raddicchio is having something of a moment and was even named vegetable of the year by Bon Appetit last year.

Highland Burgundy Red Potato



This striking red potato boasts a sweet and fluffy interior in a wonderful beetroot colour. Try slicing and frying them to add a splash of colour to chips and fries or simply whip them up into a colourful mash.

Ruby Roman Grapes

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These highly regarded juicy sweet ruby coloured grapes are grown in the Ishikawa prefecture on the west coast of Japan. Ruby roman grapes are also the size of ping-pong balls, meaning they should add just the show-stopping centrepiece to your cheese board! 

Pink Pearl Apples


These unusual apples were invented in California in the early 1940s. Bite into their sweet succulent flesh and you’re in for quite a surprise. Instead of a glistening white interior, you’ll be greeted by a wonderful pink rosy blush. Succulent, sweet and slightly tart they are great for eating as they are or you could always try baking them into our favourite tarte tatin.



These delicious pink tart pink stems lend themselves to plenty of seasonal cooking, from baking into pies and muffins, to adding a wonderful pink hue to gin and cocktails. Take your pick between “forced rhubarb”, a technique where rhubarb is grown in warm dark sheds during winter months, or field grown rhubarb, grown under the sun in the summer months. Discover more about the wonderful world of rhubarb.

Pink Peppercorns


These rose-coloured berries with a mild peppery hint of citrus juniper from Madagascar add a wonderful pink hue to sauces and salads along with gentle peppery warmth. The berries are very delicate, which is why you won’t find them in mills like other peppercorns, and are best scattered onto dishes and enjoyed whole. Discover 6 more types of peppercorns.

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