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Become a Microwave Maestro with These Videos

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Become a Microwave Maestro with These Videos

Cooking in the microwave gets a raw deal with most people keeping it in the corner of the kitchen for those quick reheats, the cup of coffee you forgot, that slice of pizza from last night. 

What people usually don’t realise is that the microwave cooking recipes do exist and sometimes the microwave can give the best results, as this extensive guide from Chef Steps shows you. 

It first explains how a microwave actually works and sets straight some common misconceptions about how food is actually heated inside the device.

It then offers up some wonderful videos for perfect dishes you can cook in the microwave, from soups to fried snacks and especially vegetables.

Below are just three of the videos and you can see more over at Chef Steps.

Microwave Soup

Microwave Salad

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