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Michelin Star Chefs Cook with Pasta: Part 2

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Michelin Star Chefs Cook with Pasta: Part 2
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Pasta, Italy’s gift to the world, is the blank canvass on which chefs can dream up the vivid expressions of their food philosophy. Although, as any Italian will tell you, simplicity is key when it comes to the pasta.

If you’ve ever wondered how Michelin star chefs work with pasta, here a few ideas for you. We’ve got Angela Hartnett making tagliatelle from scratch, Gordon Ramsey giving us his take on how to cook it and Heinz Beck with his iconic carbonara.


Gordon Ramsey cooks pasta

Gordan Ramsey gives us his take on how to cook pasta, perfectly. With the addition of olive oil to the water and to the pasta once cooked you can imagine that every time this video is watched an Italian dies from a broken heart. It’s been viewed over 5 million times, so that’s a lot.

Gordon Ramsay cooks Mushroom, Leek and Tarragon Pasta

A simple recipe that unusually, uses lasagne sheets instead of ribbon pasta in a sauce of leek, mushroom and tarragon. IF you need to whip up something delicious with a slight twist on the traditional you can’t go wrong with this one.

Carbonara, molecular style at Disfrutar, Barcelona

Be very careful when you mess with Carbonara, lest you draw the ire of Italians who are very sure about how this dish should be prepared. Luckily this deconstructed carbonara by Disfrutar in Barcelona is respectful of the flavours and ingredients.

This is how Oriol Castro, chef at Distrufar created that otherworldly carbonara.

3 Michelin Star Chef Heinz Beck’s take on carbonara

This is how Heinz Beck approaches the carbonara. Pondering why the pasta dish is so heavy he concluded that it was because the egg wasn’t cooked enough so he decided to put the egg inside fagottelli.

2 Michelin-starred chef Phil Howard's strozzapreti with pulled rabbit

Phil Howard is passionate about this stunning strozzapreti with pulled rabbit. A hearty, rustic dish with lots of earthy flavours it is also elegant and dazzling. An iconic dish from The Square that will always hot the spot.

Angela Hartnett's Tagliatelle - Making the Pasta

We love Angela Harnett’s no nonsense approach and she makes this homemade tagliatelle seem so easy. Of course, she’s got years of practice, but is you’ve never attempted to make your own pasta from scratch then this is where to start.

Angela Hartnett's Tagliatelle - Adding the Sauce

Once the pasta is made, we move in to the sauce. For this one Hartnett uses butter, cream, bacon and mushroom… all the good stuff.


Rigatoni al Diavolo by Missy Robbins of Lilia

Pasta queen of New York Missy Robbins of Lilia prepares Rigatoni al Diavolo, Calabrian chilis add spice, two types of garlic, fennel seed and tomato paste for depth… A taste of Italy’s south is a simple yet showstopping pasta dish.

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