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Michelin Star Chefs Cook Vegan

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Michelin Star Chefs Cook Vegan

Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy are on the up: oat milk supplies can’t seem to keep up with demand, in the UK alone more than half of new food launches were vegan in 2017, and the faux-beef Impossible Burger 2.0 took the spotlight at the latest CES 2019. All things are pointing to veganism going mainstream and there’s no denying it. 

So whether you are partaking in Veganuary as part of your January post-holiday cleanse, or you are just curious to try a more plant based diet in the new year, we’ve found a few of the best, delicious vegan recipes from Michelin-starred chefs to get you off to a good start. 

Here are five meat and diary free recipes brought to you as part of our Michelin Star Chef Cook series. We’ve also added an extra umami-rich vegetable demi-glace recipe from ChefSteps - it’s so good, nobody will notice that they are eating their five-a-day.

Alexis Gauthier - Vegan Faux Gras

French chef Alexis Gauthier has been a vegan since 2016 and his restaurant Gauthier Soho is famous for its fully vegan menu. Find out how he creates a vegan foie gras using lentils, walnuts, fresh vegetables and a variety of herbs that come together into a tasty pâté that will make you forget that you are missing the real thing.   

Gordon Ramsay - Gazpacho with Pineapple Carpaccio, Pomegranate, Vanilla Salt

Gordon Ramsay shows you how to create a super easy gazpacho, along with a dessert from fresh pineapple, pomegranate, mint and vanilla salt that make for a refreshing end to a light dinner. 

Theo Randall - Vegan Minestrone

Vegetable soup doesn't have to be boring. Healthy, light, but never sacrificing in flavour, try this vegan minestrone recipe by chef Theo Randall of the InterContinental Hotel London Park Lane, previously at the Michelin-starred The River Café, London.

David Kinch - Best Vegetable Stock 

Similar to the vegetable stock he uses at his three Michelin star restaurant Manresa, chef David Kinch shows you how to make a rich, delicious vegetable stock that uses chickpeas to give it a fuller flavour. 

Raymond Blanc - Vegetable Curry

Making a curry at home from scratch is easy with this recipe from the very friendly chef Raymond Blanc. The recipe is all vegan, and is satisfyingly creamy thanks to the addition of coconut milk. 


ChefSteps - Umami Bomb Vegetable Demi-Glace

Not Michelin-starred chef, but ChefSteps' instructional videos are always full of great advice even for the professional chef. This demi-glace uses a ton of roasted vegetables and kombu for that rich umami flavour and added pectin or xantham gum for body. 

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