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Thanksgiving Menu Ideas from Michelin Star Chefs

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Thanksgiving Menu Ideas from Michelin Star Chefs

When looking for the best Thanksgiving recipes, at FDL HQ we like to reach for the stars, literally. 

Take your Thanksgiving dinner this year to another level with recipes from Michelin star chefs who show you their expert tricks and tips to execute your best Thanksgiving dinner yet. 

We’ve already shared with you some of our favourite Thanksgiving recipes, including this ultimate roast turkey recipe, but if turkey isn't your thing, we’ve got other main dish recipes from Michelin chefs that will be spectacular substitutes on your Thanksgiving menu. From the perfect roast chicken by Gordon Ramsay to pork belly with the most impressive crackling from Marco Pierre White, these Michelin chefs make it easy for you to recreate world class cooking at home.  

Serve your game or pork with Heston Blumenthal’s roast potatoes or go instead for mashed potatoes with legendary Joël Robuchon’s 'world's best' pommes de terre recipe.  

For dessert, make it right with your best version of apple, pecan or pumpkin pie with ChefStep’s professional step by step video of the most buttery, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth pie crust. 

Or, close your Michelin star Thanksgiving dinner with a dessert that it deserves with a clear pumpkin pie inspired by the famous pie at Grant Achatz’s restaurant Alinea

These Michelin star chefs’ recipes are here to save your Thanksgiving dinner. Check them out and get cooking. 

Gordon Ramsay's Perfect Roast Turkey and Gravy

Find out chef Gordon Ramsay’s secret to the most flavoursome turkey and the best gravy to serve it with. 

Marco Pierre White's Pork Belly With Cider and Cream Sauce 

There’s no reason why Thanksgiving must always involve turkey. Change up the Thanksgiving game tradition with this pork belly with the best pork crackling by Marco Pierre White

Thomas Keller's Roast Chicken

Roasting an entire turkey can be intimidating. For more intimate Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving dinners, go for a chicken instead. Nobody will be disappointed with a tender roast chicken, as shown here by Michelin star chef Thomas Keller.   

Heston Blumenthal's Lemon Thyme Roast Potatoes

Heston Blumenthal teaches you how to achieve crunchy, fluffy roast potato perfection. Transform this simple Thanksgiving side dish with his easy to follow tips. 

Joël Robuchon's World's Best Mashed Potatoes

Joël Robuchon’s purée de pommes de terre is known as the world’s best mashed potatoes for good reason. Try the famous mashed potatoes with his recipe in this video, which we have translated in English for you here

ChefSteps' Buttery, Flaky, All-Purpose Pie Crust

Not exactly by a Michelin chef, but ChefSteps’ recipes are solid, so if you haven’t yet mastered a good pie crust, start here. This is the most buttery, flaky pie crust that can serve as the base of many Thanksgiving pies to come, year after year. 

Grant Achatz's Alinea Clear Pumpkin Pie

Feast with your eyes on Grant Achatz's clear pumpkin pie, because unless you have a rotary evaporator on hand this is out of reach to recreate at home.  Instead, try the simplified version with the video recipe that was inspired by it further below - it's still bound to impress. 

How To Make Clear Pumpkin Pie

Grant Achatz realeased a cocktails book that may be easier to follow for most of us, read all about it: Grant Achatz's Jaw Dropping Cocktail Book.
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