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Michelin Chefs Cook Pork: 5 Video Recipes

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Michelin Chefs Cook Pork: 5 Video Recipes

Whether its game, quail, pasta or eggs, our Michelin Chefs Cook series covers the best recipes for a wide range of dishes and ingredients as prepared by the world's best chefs. Here, we talk about pork - because there's no need to go to a restaurant for tender, succulent pork if you know how to work this favourite red meat. From classic pork chops to Asian-inspired sticky pork ribs, find out how to cook pork in five different ways with these video recipes by chefs Heston Blumenthal, Marco Pierre White, Gordon Ramsay, Theo Randall and Raymond Blanc


Michelin Chefs Recipes on How to Cook Pork 

1. Raymond Blanc’s Pan Fried Pork Chops

Follow chef Raymond Blanc’s tips on how to pick the best pork chops - quality comes first when it’s a simple dish such as this. Blanc uses butter to baste the chops over a low-medium heat, cooking the pork slow and long on the pan. The secret to the special jus? It’s easy as adding water, literally. Try the classic dish with braised cabbage and apples as Blanc does, or jazz it up with a our recipes for radicchio salad or sweet potato gratin with pecans


2. Theo Randall’s Pork Chops

It's possible to cook your chops with less butter if you prefer, like chef Theo Randall does here. Go for olive oil instead, with Randall’s recipe for cooking the perfect pork chops. He shows you here how to create a one pan dinner for two of pork chops and portobello mushrooms, served alongside a very herby salsa verde of mint, parsley, basil and capers. 


3. Marco Pierre White’s Roast Pork Belly with Cider and Cream Sauce

Marco Pierre White shows you how he makes roast pork belly which he serves with a cider and cream sauce. The cream sauce includes a little shortcut that you may or may not agree with - it's up to you to go down the route of stock cube, or go for homemade stock instead. This is a sauce that easily goes with other meats such as chicken and fish, so learn it and keep it in your back pocket for future dinner parties. 


4. Heston Blumenthal’s Pork Banh Mi 

Prefer something different that’s not so meat-centric? Find out how Heston Blumenthal marinates pork slices that pairs perfectly with quick pickled vegetables for a banh mi that makes for an easy, healthy lunch. This is his twist on the classic Vietnamese sandwich that’s full of flavour and freshness. Stock up on spices such as coriander seeds, paprika, cayenne and five spice before proceeding. 


5. Gordon Ramsay’s Sticky Asian Inspired Pork Ribs

This is the ultimate recipe for sticky, finger-licking ribs that are a balance of sweet, sour and spicy altogether. Gordon Ramsay's pork ribs start off on the stove, then are moved to the oven for braising, and shifted back to the stove to get that extra sticky caramelised glaze on them. Irresistible. 


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