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Watch Michelin Chefs make Fish and Chips

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Watch Michelin Chefs make Fish and Chips
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Fish and Chips. The defining dish of a nation. A dish that transcends all culinary boundaries, from local chippies and boozers to gastropubs and Michelin starred tables.

Succulent cod encased in crispy batter with fluffy chips and bundled into chip-paper. Shared on a park bench in the drizzle, at the seaside with a seagull, down the pub with a pint or a la carte with champers, this is British comfort food for whenever, wherever.

5 Tips for Great Fish and Chips

However, nostalgia aside, when it actually comes to cooking fish and chips, how many of us can actually confess to being as proficient at frying the perfect fish and chips as we are at critiquing them. Fortunately, that's where Michelin starred chefs come in.

So, sit back and watch the masters like Ramsay and Blumenthal applying their culinary magic in these mouthwatering clips below ... and get the salt and vinegar ready!

Fish and Chips Recipes by Michelin Chefs

Gordon Ramsay puts his signature spin on the British favourite with a few tips and tricks to achieving evenly cooked crispy perfection with twice baked fries and mushy peas: 


Nathan Outlaw shows how to make a tartare sauce with fresh mayonnaise to go with his lump free beer battered fish.


Heston Blumenthal tackles a whole turbot in this ambitious recipe with plenty of science led advice -  talking us through his famous three-stage process to make the fluffiest crispy chips.


British born, New York chef, April Bloomfield enjoys a taste of home with her favourite dish. Fresh fish and great potatoes are key she says!


If that all seemed too complicated, try following this recipe with measurements and instructions from our friends over at ChefSteps, guaranteeing one very happy chef!

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