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Michelin Chefs Cook Shrimp: Six Dishes, Six Techniques

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Michelin Chefs Cook Shrimp: Six Dishes, Six Techniques

Welcome to our Michelin Chefs Cook series where we show you our pick of the best videos of top chefs working their craft on a chosen ingredient, dish, or specific technique.

This week we cover shrimp (or prawn, as you prefer to call it if you are in the UK) with six brilliant Michelin-starred chefs: Eric Ripert of three-starred Le Bernardin in New York, Joan Roca of three-starred El Cellar De Can Roca in Gerona, Spain, Jean-Georges Vongerichten of the two-starred Michelin restaurant Jean-Georges, New York, Claude Bosi of Bibendum, London, Christophe Hardiquest of two-starred Bon Bon in Brussels and last but not least, chef Gordon Ramsay


Shrimps are healthy, are an excellent source of protein and take very little time to cook, making it a great choice for any quick meal. Sure you can toss it with some garlic, oil, salt and throw it on the barbecue or hot pan and leave it at that, but why limit yourself? Find out all the different ways these top chefs of the world prepare them at home or at their restaurants in the videos below. 

Six Michelin Star Chefs Cook Prawns

1. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Shrimp Salad

Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten shows you how to make his popular shrimp salad dressed in two special sauces. 

2. Eric Ripert’s Butterflied Garlic Shrimp Recipe

Chef Eric Ripert goes through a basic recipe of buttery, garlic shrimp which can easily be adapted in many ways for a range of appetizers and main dishes.

3. Claude Bosi’s Shrimp Carpaccio

Chef Claude Bosi prepares a carpaccio of Cardigan Bay prawns showing you every step of the dish from how to peel the shrimp, how to prepare a butter emulsion, to garnishing with mushrooms, shrimp powder, fried shrimp head, and caviar. 

4. Gordon Ramsay’s Prawn Tostada

Here’s something you can whip up for dinner tonight, thanks to Chef Ramsay’s step by step video guide. Here he makes prawn tostadas: a classic, Mexican open style tortilla with spicy prawns and fresh vegetable salad. 

5. Joan and Jordi Roca’s Palamós Prawns

Watch and take inspiration from the Roca brothers of El Celler De Can Roca who prepare a dish of Palamós prawns that emulates the exact environment that these prawns are found, complete with sand made of maltodextrin, and sea rocks made of an onion ‘sponge’ soaked in squid ink. 

6. Chef Christophe Hardiquest’s Shrimp and Caviar Dish

Follow chef Hardiquest, of two Michelin star restaurant Bon Bon in Brussels as he creates an exquisite shrimp and caviar dish in his restaurant kitchen. The dish is composed of tiny local shrimp, a bisque made of cooked shrimp heads, caviar, fennel and tomatoes, all covered over by a tomato ‘veil’ - a thin gel sheet made of tomato juice. 


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