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Michelin Chefs Cook Cheese in Many Ways

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Michelin Chefs Cook Cheese in Many Ways

When the top chefs decide to tackle dishes, they do so with a dedication and curiosity unrivalled by others around them. Digging down to the core of a recipe, perfecting the techniques, reifining the ingredients and the processes.

It was this that we are thinking about when we launched the Michelin Chefs Cook series - a collection of posts that show Michelin chefs as they cook a range of different ingredients.

The latest ingredient is cheese and below you will find an interesting collection of videos of Michelin chefs using cheese as the main ingredient.

From cheese soufflé with Raymond Blanc to a dish entry consisting of parmesan from Massimo Bottura - this is the ultimate look at cooking with cheese.

First up is Phil Howard with his cheesecake recipe. 

Here's Massimo Bottura discussing one of the most famous cheese dishes around. 

Gordon Ramsay cheese sauce.

Heston Blumenthal does cheese.

Raymond Blanc cheese souffle 

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